Consulting Skills and extra leadership tools for HR Executives

In 21st century, we notice that working environment is welling a tremendous dynamic and is characterized by a series of change.

Essentially it is a reply of vital importance in a competitive, based on knowledge and information economy. Companies desire and try to maintain their competitive advantage and is necessary to have personnel, which is well trained and eager to adapt a stance of constant learning and apply it effectively. Consequently this rises the standards.

Nevertheless, the issue is… do we have an alternative? Consulting Skills is an integral part of a preeminent Leadership and is considered as a catalyst, as it provides an alternative way of communication, the participation in a deep conversation that would lead to behavioural changes for the better not only for the individual but the team as well. It ends up in contributing to its positive and efficient performance of the individual itself, within the working environment as well.

This program is appropriate for the HR Professionals, who are the ones who have to face employees on a one to one base and resolve such delicate issues which affect employees’ motivation, performance as well as interaction with other members of the group … It aims to integrate existing skills and provide an effective tool in the workplace. Therefore, it has not been designed to train participants as professional consultants, rather to be used in interviews, giving and taking feedback, in employees monitoring and supervision, in personal development etc. Moreover, it gives people the chance to know about practical tools and techniques, which will allow them to reclaim their underlying skills and develop them into a higher level, in order to use it for better results with their subordinates or supervisors, in the workplace and other areas of their life.

What is counselling?

It could have been an effective leadership intervention, with higher intention the HR Professional to be able to choose the option that best suits the condition.

Work consultants are familiarized with the organizational culture, having in mind the constraints that continually arise. Of course, the need to constantly find solutions that will cause employees’ maximum efficiency, predominates. Therefore the HR consultant available in the workplace need to be able to recognize the Human Factor development needs, so to bring out the most of their potential.

This program is a skill emerging and development program. It is designed for all those involved in human resources or have some experience about it, without necessarily be formally trained to, who wish to broaden and develop their skills on counseling. To achieve this, using different approaches and methods Consultative Psychology is documented in accordance to bibliography. The differentiation with other programs, is that it offers extensive and varied techniques to HR executives as for instance Psychodynamics/ Freud Adler, Jung, Systemic, Humanitarian, Individualistic, Carl Rogers, Cognitive – Behavioral, Gestalt, NLP, Provocative and Coaching.

Nicolaos Fragias, Interventionist