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The purpose of this page is to summarize, explain and clarify the different Spiral Education Paths in NLP, Micro Expression & Body Language and the Master Classes for Coaches, Psychotherapists or other Mind & Body Professionals and every one that thinks that has more than a simple communication with him selves or others.

The NLP Spiral Education Roadmap

  • The different NLP and related courses
  • The pathway and progression towards different levels of NLP qualification
  • The pathway of mBIT
  • The pathway of Micro Expressions & Body Language
  • The pre-requisites (if any) for each course.
  1. Level A: Entry Level – No pre-requisite
    1. NLP Diploma, 5 days, 2 modules
    2. NLP Sports Diploma, 6 days, 3 modules
    3. NLP Wellbeing Diploma, 6 days, 3 modules

For someone that has a specialization in Sports or in the Wellbeing industry it is a must to start with these Specific Diplomas and then move on to the next step of NLP Practitioner & above. The price for combo packs is available in our page. Also find the Master Classes.

  1. Level B: Optional NLP Diploma
    1. NLP Practitioner, 14 days, 7 modules
    2. NLP Business Practitioner, 14 days, 7 modules
  1. Level C: Pre-requisite NLP Practitioner
    1. NLP Coach Practitioner
    2. NLP Master Practitioner
    3. NLP Master Coach

The Micro Expressions & Body  Language Spiral Education Roadmap

  1. Level A: Micro Expressions & Body Language Practitioner, 3 days, 1 module
  2. Level B: Micro Expressions & Body Language Master Practitioner, 5 days, 2 modules
  3. Level C: Micro Expressions & Body Language Coach, 4 days, 2 modules
  4. Level D: Micro Expressions & Body Language Trainer 6 days, 3 modules + 3 Presentations

mBIT (mBraining) Spiral Education Roadmap

  1. Level A: mBIT Coach
  2. Level B: mBIT Master Coach

The Master Classes of Spiral Education Roadmap

  1. Hypnosis
  2. Story Telling & Metaphors
  3. Clean Language
  4. Provocative Coaching
  5. Modeling Behaviors
  6. Mind Re – engineering for Sports Professionals

4 Elements Systemic Coaching


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