Reticular Activation System

The first time I have heard about this amazing part of our brain also called RAS was in training for Neurolinguistic Programming. Our instructor talked about it and continued describing how most successful people know how to use this system to achieve outcomes they want in their lives.

Right after the training when I got home, I started looking for more information about this topic and I felt an enormous surprise discovering that the secret part of the brain can be one of the most powerful tools of our program and it is ours.

Let’s start explaining. Inside the human brain there is a part called Reticular Activation System, this part of the brain decides which pieces of information will be included and which will be left out. Since the moment we receive millions pieces of information every second through our 5 senses, Reticular Activation System (RAS) has a role alike the one of an Executive Secretary in order to manage all this information and decide what is important to us… RAS it is the part of the brain that will inform us about the things that are of high importance… RAS is located to the place where spinal cord is connected with the sculp. Brain cells operate like a team and file all incoming information and stimuli, while simultaneously it let us know the most important. How does it know that they are important? We have told it so… It’s vital because RAS decides in which things you have focused your attention. Quantum Physics has proven that our intention and our attention is concentrated on our desires and it works in harmony with all the energy of the world in order to create our reality, the subjective experience of our reality. So, getting to know how RAS is activated, in order to see our desires, it is the start of the process that leads to goal achievement and success.

Media use this “know how” with the law of repetition, repeating advertisements lead us at some point in time to eventually buy the advertised products. In order to install a habit or re-train our body we need 21-60 days.

After 500,000 years of evolution, human brain looks like it is poorly equipped in order to face the challenges of today. It looks like that…. Because RAS help us focus on important duties and goals. It protect us from overload and burn out, because it dives into our deepest unconscious, which is the storage of all experiences, emotions, memories and beliefs. Let for this year RAS dive into this deep reservoir and see what it can do for you…. How? If you want to you will find out.

Nicolaos Fragias, Interventionist